Good morning! What do you actually do on a Monday morning? Are you a full-time photographer?
Is this what you do?

Hello. My perfect Monday morning includes: coffee (with friends), people watching, long walks, good weather and, of course, taking photos. I am a full-time, self-taught mobile photographer with a theatre background. I am passionate about people, architecture and travel.

You make Cluj pop out in a swirl of color. Where do you drink your coffee?
How do you keep your eye on-guard?

I truly enjoy having coffee in town. It’s great to just sit somewhere nice, enjoying a delicious coffee & just feeling the city’s rhythm. Yolka, Olivo and Doamna T. are three of my favorite coffee spots in Cluj-Napoca, so if you’re ever in town, don’t hesitate to visit them.

To answer the second question, I must admit I love exploring places. I’m pretty sneaky when it comes to inner courtyards and I keep myself constantly curious to what is around me, whether it’s architecture, people or candid moments when these two elements are combined.

Would you say it is a romantic city, or is romance in the eye of the beholder?

I actually think it does have a touch of romance. It’s a charming city and you notice this when you take a walk around the old town’s narrow cobblestone streets and, for example, you suddenly get struck by the unmistakable smell of a honeysuckle bush, luring you into a hidden courtyard, where you end up spending an entire hour to admire the surroundings. There is a lot of magic in such moments, so I think Cluj-Napoca is a pretty romantical place. Tip: consider a nighttime stroll in the old town (with your beloved, perhaps). It’s sure to be an unforgettable experience.

What do you like about churches? Which one is your favorite?

It’s their monumental silence that makes them so irresistible to me. You can always go there and put your thoughts in order, in spite of one’s religious beliefs. A church, for me, is an urban oasis, a place where I can listen to the silence and forget about my worries.

Do you quickly press the button or do you wait for that split-second perfect moment?
Impulse or hunting?

It depends on the situation, but I will normally do both when going out to take photos. When hunting, one must be very patient. It may take hours to get a good shot and sometimes it’s definitely worth it. In other situations, one is just going to see a friend and, all of a sudden, there’s something absolutely extraordinary happening and there is barely enough time to take the phone/camera out and capture it.

Such geometry in your photos! Is composition something you have learned?

I’m not sure if it’s something I’ve learned. Since I can’t imagine how I could pass it on to someone else, I dare say it’s something I feel.

Do you go often in the botanical garden? Where else do you get your Zen from?

I really love that place. I will usually recommend it to anyone visiting the city. Those greenhouses are absolutely fantastic.

My Zen? That’s an interesting question. I don’t need much to be happy, I guess. I love simple moments. I always remember to breath. I think that’s very important.

I have noticed you dream on Tell me a dream happening in Cluj.

Yes. A great initiative by two of the nicest people I know.
I remember dreaming that Unirii Square was transformed into a large airport. I was inside the plane, waiting for takeoff. Through the window, I could see Saint Michael’s Church a few meters away. It had a glass elevator that took people up in the tower. It looked like a business centre, all very futuristic. When the plane took off, I thought: „what if the World is one big corporation and God is its CEO?”

(P.S. I hope Cluj keeps itself as it is now. I am a big fan of its OLD architecture and I want it preserved!)

Finally, I’m curious. Do you see yourself growing old in this city?

I’m not sure. Though I’m quite attached to this city, I never make plans. We’ll see what life brings.

Many, many thanks.
Keep us in touch with all the city’s beauty.