The amazing thing about art is you can find and see it everywhere. Especially out on the streets. Graffiti might be the most seen kind of art. Always in totally different techniques conveying some serious messages or just showing the variety of colors. We looked through Instagram to show you some impressive artists who share their work on Instagram – and they are not only graffiti artists. Get inspired and always keep your eyes open when you walk through the streets ready to spot some beautiful street art!

Nikita Nomens is an Russian street artist. Characteristically are his round shapes developed to giant humans.


With her realistic graffitis, Nathalia Rak leads us into her colorful and playful world of dreams.

Outings project is an initiative by Julien de Casabianca. Apart from the museums and galleries where his art is shown, all over the world are people bringing the art from the museums onto the streets. Check it out an amazing idea!

Randome photos made by Knut are put together on his feed and result in a real gallery of small everyday pieces of art.


Ein von Knut (@knurrt) gepostetes Foto am

The artist from London started to make these photos in 2006. The miniature people let you see the street from a totally different perspective.

GROUND ZERO Shoreditch, London, 2008

Ein von Slinkachu (@slinkachu_official) gepostetes Foto am

The artist and founder of @invaderwashere, calls himself an Unidentified Free Artist. His art is all about freeing the invaders from the video games and bringing them to the streets.

Beer time ! Big thanx to @londongamesfest @woodstreetwalls and #giveartistsspace #walthamstow #london

Ein von Invader (@invaderwashere) gepostetes Foto am

Herkamt is a german street art duo making art since 2004 and showing their creative paintings/graffiti all over the world. My favorite one in Berlin is just at the station Greifswalderstraße.

Douglas Hoekzema aka Hoxxoh shows with his paintings the beauty of colors. And how impressive is this dimension?

Washington DC …. The Ibiza …. @powwowdc @powwowworldwide

Ein von hoxxoh (@hoxxoh) gepostetes Foto am

Crochet on the street? Well I’ve never seen this before. London Kaye shows us her the creativity by making pictures from crochet and integrating them onto fences.

super nova #yarnbomb #londonkaye #wetheexplorers

Ein von London Kaye Crochet (@madebylondon) gepostetes Foto am

Eron stands out with his spray painting technique. Most of the time the italian artist work concerns social issues.

All of the artist have their own website linked in their Instagram profile. So just click on the picture and check out their website for more information and interesting facts!

Featured Image by @jdavis84