In beginning of October, we asked you to brighten our life with your #colourgreetings and this month truly has been very colourful – thanks to your many submissions! We received lovely pastel moods, pictures of your beloved furry friends, many splendid flowers and bouquets and so much more. It has been so many submissions, in fact, that choosing our top 10 photos has been close to impossible. To see the full beauty of what our awesome community has to offer, make sure to check out our Instagram profile and the hashtag as well!

However, this post is dedicate to some of our favourite #colourgreetings – with katetheo79 and our cover picture leading the way.

It’s no secret – we just love in_somnia_‘s pastel dreamworld. This is just one of the many of her lovely compositions that we like. However, it was specifically chosen for its soothing colours – with the soft pink and gentle blue radiating calmness (as you will remember from our last post about #colourgreetings).

“The earth loves in flowers.”, a wise man once said and we agree! Through beautiful simplicity this shot by earns its spot on this list.

More moony vibes come from maykapicture with this pastel gem of a chairoplane that reminds us of the weightlessness of childhood.

This beauty shot by lioliene and matching its background so perfectly might be facing downhill – but only to gather some speed for its way back up!

Less musing, more pastel as we turn to katetheo79 again. We dig her creativity and this image especially, due to its fun pop art style and, self-evidently, it featuring such a nifty dog.

We have a weakness for pretty doors and gateways just as we have for darling kittens – so naturally, this perfect composition by lailie had to make the cut.

More colourful facades came our way with this submission from askanios. The bright colours capture the golden autumn we’re having just right and spread joy and happiness instantly.

Look at this cutie captured by bergermargaret being all ready to pull Santa’s sledge once he’s grown up. Of course, he could be the one delivering presents to your loved ones way earlier – can you see him on one of our next Christmas cards?

This list wouldn’t be complete without a little minimalistic magic. Isn’t this tiny knitting girl by happydaysfactory just too adorable?!

Which of these #colourgreetings would you like to see on a postcard? Do you have a favourite yet? Let us know and look forward to all that November has in store for you. Chimney fire, hot chocolate, cozy moments and long walks through atmospheric landscapes? Who knows what eye candy you will share with us next month!