He did not really bother with photography before – now he is working in the orders department for Pickmotion which accommodates with his sense of order and structure. Anton was born in Krasnodar at the Black Sea. A childhood without sweets it was. 14 years old, he came to Germany, and there were bananas and chocolate in Halberstadt.

In school Anton loved drawing, but his preference for languages made him study Intercultural European and American Studies in Halle, with a special focus on Russia and Poland. “I am interested about the structure of a language”, says Anton. In the future he will probably visit Kaliningrad more often than the Caucasus, because his wife originates from the Russian enclave. Being a pragmatic character he likes Berlin because it is big and close to his parents. He lives in Treptow “in the midst of the squirrels”.

When Anton is not sitting behind the desk for Pickmotion, he is doing athletic sports or Cross Fit. His favourite postcard is Christmas cat (XM-0122) by @poonchic – he loves the hairy four-legged animals though only on photos – his animal hair allergy forbids them as pets.