When she participated at the #wwim13 she was infected: Sandra Bruns also known as @rhinesstagram and the founder of @instarocketstar had to do something with Instagram. „I have never been on such a big event“, she still raves. Just now taking photos of flowers out of boredom and then the fantastic community she couldn’t get out of her head anymore.

@instarocketstar is an idea – Sandra has a platform in mind, where everyone being interested in the app can meet. From beginners to professionals up to companies. Its not only her enthusiasm but also an answer to the rigid world of media. Nowadays there is a chance for everyone, everyone gets visible and there isn’t only the chief who decides as a gatekeeper over the value of stories. „ My heart doesn’t beat for the print anymore“, she says and she is also convinced that the common newspaper is going to disappear. „For the journalists, the worst is yet to come.“

At the beginning of her forties the journalist from the Rhineland reinvented herself – „others get themselves a lover or a Porsche“. She is settled near to Koblenz but she is connected to the whole world and to the digital trends through Instagram. Being part of an urban family, her mum was working for the WDR, she partly grew up in South America and the USA.

Sandra looks after the account of @wuv_mag. She loves the community because she can meet a lot of talented people. Apart from that Instagram is mainly troll free, a friendly, positive community with good vibes. Only strong woman are still under-represented.

Sandra’s favorite igers:

@widenka and #basicgermanwords
@frailfail and #einmalpommesrotweißbitte