The first month of the new year has passed now and we asked you for your most beautiful January pictures. Quite to our delight you have shared a lot of wonderful, wintry photos with us – and especially the snow has brought us a smile on the lips and let us dream of white winter days, because snow was and is this time in short supply in Berlin. Lean back and let yourself be indulged by our Top10 of #januaryvisuals .

The love for snow. Our cover photo from @augenbl.icke really gets it right. If you want to have a decent amount of snow in northern Germany, you should head for the Brocken in the Harz mountains.

The world is upside down and the sky is made of ice. @nathaliec136 has created a whole new surreal winter world with this creative photo that inspires and makes us dream.

@bergermargaret went to the mountains around Lago del Predil in Italy and discovered a very special iceberg there. Wonderful.

While Berlin remains snow-free, it is even more surprising that even in the deepest south of Europe in Crete, thick snowflakes cover the island, as @kapsalianavillage shows.

In Russia, the winter in January is in full glory – icy temperatures and snow without end. @ronzinakate has discovered this forest with its gigantic trees in St. Petersburg’s surrounding area, making you feel like you’re on another planet.

@meta_thesis delights us with this minimalist winter landscape with a bright blue sky, photographed from the train.

During a morning walk you can often find the winter dew on the bed of leaves on the ground. A treat for the senses to hear the crackling of the frozen leaves under the feet. @maggymelzer is especially fond of such winter days and we are very excited about this image.

Looking almost summery but still in the dead of winter, @veftenie has discovered this swan colony on the coast of the Romanian Black Sea.

With no snow, but no less breathtaking, this mystical photo from @terezina_np shows us the Conneticut landscape this January.

Finally, there is a beautiful winter sunset from the countryside photographed by @schoenegruesse .

These were the Top10 of our #januaryvisuals to let you review the first month of the new year. Check out here if you want to see all the pictures of this month’s challenge. And stay tuned for February, because this time we have an open call for you, where you have the chance that your photo lands on one of our products.