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Zweite Liebe – there where you have a closer look

#awesomeshop, Magazine

It’s time again to present you another #awesomeshop. Today we stay in our own city, the lovely Berlin, and show you Zweite Liebe – a shop with a lot of love for details. At Zweite Liebe you find…

Go Slow – Analogue Photography in the Instaverse

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In our fast moving world and the flood of images by smartphonographers there actually still exist some people who truly dedicated themselves to a slower lifestyle. You’re thinking of Slow Food? No, I’m not talking about that even…

#whatmyhandsdoing by @ponypork
the hottest hands on Instagram


@ponypork is mostly known for his hands. Yes you’ve heard it right. It’s called #whatmyhandsdoing. The ideas within his creative mind already got him 54,7k followers and the photos are getting better every day! They show his tatooed hands holding…